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Business Financial Consulting

Recent economic and financial volatility have challenged corporate finance organizations to provide their companies with more and better services while at the same time reducing the costs of the finance function. In such circumstances, expert advice from an experienced finance consulting firm can be of great value to finance executives. Data Business Systems provides major companies around the world with a range of finance consulting services that help drive greater efficiency and effectiveness throughout the finance function.

Data Business Systems is a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm with particular expertise in benchmarking, best practices implementation, and business transformation, across all back-office functions including finance, human resources, procurement, and IT. We offer an on-demand executive advisory program specifically tailored toward finance leaders, as well as hands-on finance consulting services in support of critical challenges such as:

  • Finance strategy. Finance consulting can help drive efficiency in routine transactional processes, allowing a shift in focus to building the strategic value of the finance function. We work with finance executives to steer strategy toward creating a value-driven finance organization.
  • Organizational effectiveness. By applying proven best practices derived from our close work with world-class organizations operating at exceptional levels of efficiency and effectiveness, our finance consulting services maximize the performance of finance processes while reducing their costs.
  • Working capital management. With decades of hands-on experience in cash flow management, we help customers free up cash, improving their ability to fund new products and markets, pay down debt, or undertake strategic initiatives.
  • Globalized process sourcing. Advising clients on appropriate sourcing solutions is central to our finance consulting services. We can help you identify and prioritize processes to outsource or offshore, select an outsourcing provider or a site for a captive operation, and establish effective governance mechanisms.
  • Planning and performance management. The need for business performance management has never been greater. As part of our finance consulting services,we work with finance and controlling executives to ensure that the right metrics are employed and that early indicators are used to identify shifts in key forecasted components.
  • Compliance. Applying best practices, we can help you simplify your compliance processes and reduce the risk and cost of compliance errors locally and globally.